Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey who wrote on my clothes?

That would be the signature of 2-time Olympic gold medalist and UT alum Garrett Weber-Gale.  I ordered a tee from his website (, and he signed it before sending it to me.  I'm a huge fan of the healthy lifestyle and food choices that he's an advocate for and, of course, a big fan of his swimming.  It was so nice of him to sign my shirt - thanks GWG!

Here's a quick recap of Monday's set:

Warm up (repeat x 2):
1 x 50 Free, rest :15
1 x 50 Back, rest :15

Build up (repeat x 2):
1 x 25 Streamline kicking, rest :10
1 x 25 Free, rest :10
1 x 25 Single arm free (6 rt, 6 lt, 6 full), rest :10
1 x 25 Free, rest :10

4 x 50 Free on 1:25
4 x 50 Free on 1:20
4 x 50 Free on 1:15
4 x 50 Dolphin kicking on back, rest :15

Warm down:
4 x 25 Breast, rest :10
4 x 25 Back, rest :10

Total yards: 1400

I also worked on turns with my coach on Tuesday.  They're definitely getting better, but it's something that I'm really going to need to focus on in my upcoming practices.  I found a handful of drills on the GoSwim website that I'm going to try tomorrow that I think will help.  Two of the biggest problems I'm having are moving my arms all crazy (which is creating a lot of resistance, naturally) and not getting into a tight enough ball when I flip.  Throwing in a few extra v-ups in my workout routine would probably also be a good idea to build up some additional core strength. 

Hope you're all having a fab week - it's not snowing and the Cavs are winning, so it's good times in Cleveland :)

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