Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Swim Plan

Unlike some of you lucky readers that have coached swim practice daily, I only get my coach 30 minutes per week (sucks, I know).  The rest of the week, it's up to me to put sets together and take the instruction from my coach to improve my swimming.  My coach mentioned a website ( that puts together practice sets - pretty much customized - based on ability, practice time, pool length, strokes, and equipment.  It's actually a pretty cool site and has given me some much needed structure.  I started using the site last week and figured I would post the workouts that it has developed for me.  Since I wasn't sure how it would work, I started it out on a fairly beginner setting.  I have it build plans to incorporate any stroke, as well as a pull buoy and/or kickboard.  These first workouts will be super easy sounding to most of my swimmer readers, but keep in mind that I've only been in training mode for a few months.  I'm still building up endurance and working on breathing, which will come with time.  To start it out, here's my set from yesterday (PS - my pool is 25 yards):

Warm up (repeat 4 times):
1x25yd Free, even pace, rest :10
1x25yd Back, even pace, rest :10

Build up (repeat 4 times):
1x25yd Single arm free, resting arm in front streamline, 6 right/6 left/6 regular stroke
1x25yd Free DPS*, rest :10

12x50yd Free, rest :20

Warm down:
4x25yd Breast, rest :10
4x25yd Back, rest :10

I also did 100 of dolphin kicking (on back in streamline) at the end because I need to work on core strength as well.

*DPS = Distance Per Stroke, a drill to focus on power per pull in an attempt to decrease stroke count on each lap.

I'll try to post future workouts as well.  Again, I'm not in the same league as my 4k/day swimmer readers, but maybe I'll get close one day :)

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