Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday's Set

Here's today's swim recap...

Warm up:
2 x 100yd Free (kick every 75), rest :20

Build up (repeat x4):
1 x 25yd Single-arm free (6 right, 6 left, 6 full stroke), rest :10
1 x 25yd Free catch-up*, rest :10

6 x 50yd Free pull with pull buoy, rest :15
1 x 300yd Free, rest :60

Warm down (repeat x2):
1 x 50yd Free easy, rest :15
1 x 50yd Breast easy, rest :15

*Freestyle catch-up: Freestyle drill where one arm catches up to the other between stokes. Both arms start stretched out. One arm completes full stoke (both arms return to a stretched out position) then the other arm completes a full stroke. Pull with one arm at a time and touch your hands between each alternating arm stroke.

Total distance: 1200 yards

I must, must, must work on turns this week.  They are really terrible and I need to focus on my push off the wall so that I stop swimming right back into the wake of coming into the wall.  Basically feels like trying to swim up through quicksand.  I'm going to check out some of the drills illustrated on, but if anyone out there has any drills that they'd like to share I'd love to know about them!

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  1. without seeing what you're doing... push harder and streamline tighter, it's amazing what a better streamline will do for you! You should be able to break through that wake no problem. Throw in a dolfin kick or two if you can.