Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Set and a Setback

Happy Groundhog Day to all of my dear readers - a 'holiday' that means diddly here in Cleveland since it will be winter well into May.  Anyway, here's today's set:

Warm up (repeat x2):
1 x 25 Free
1 x 25 Back

Build up (repeat x4):
1 x 25 Streamline kick
1 x 25 Free push & glide

Core (repeat x2):
8 x 25 Back
1 x 100 Free

Warm down:
2 x 50 Free push & glide

Total yards: 1000

I kept it short today, mostly due to the injury that I've been nursing for a while now.  For those who've been out of the loop - I've been dealing with a super sore ankle for a few weeks.  I finally had an ultrasound on it today to see if there is any soft tissue damage.  Unfortunately, I do have a torn tendon in my left ankle, which means no starts and using only my right foot on turns.  I'll see my ortho doc next week for the game plan - keeping my fingers crossed that this can be repaired with a minimal amount of downtime.

My goal had been to be swimming with my local Masters team this spring, but I'm a little afraid that this latest development will delay things.  I'm trying not to get discouraged - and hoping that whatever the treatment plan turns out to be, I'll be able to stay in the water as much as possible.

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