Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update and New Tunes

Happy Wednesday my dearest readers!  I've just been pluggin along, working out like crazy and really focusing on fine tuning my stroke technique.  Lately I've been hitting the weight room hard and using my Swimming Anatomy book for guidance based on the muscle groups I need to build for increased power and precision in the water.  I'm very happy with the results - I have a lot more power in the water and my body position is significantly more streamlined.  I had a super productive practice the other day with my coach, working on turn technique and I'm feeling more confident that when I get my ankle rehabbed I'll be happy with my racing times.  For a few days before that particular practice I was getting really frustrated.  I just didn't feel right in the water - I know my swimmer readers can relate.  Sometimes you just have those days.  I learned that all it takes is one practice that seems to hit the right 'note' to put everything back on track and instill enormous amounts of confidence.  Friday I'll see another specialist for my injured ankle - fingers crossed for a positive outlook!

Since I've been in the weight room so much lately, I've added to my workout playlist - check out my newest tunes:
1.  One Day (DJ X-Change)
2.  Real People (Common)
3.  Open Your Eyes (Snow Patrol)
4.  Unstoppable (Rascal Flatts)
5.  Universal Mind Control (Common)
6.  Warrior's Anthem (Wyclef Jean)
7.  Shots (LMFAO & Lil Jon)
8.  Hard (Rihanna f. Jeezy)
9.  How Low (Ludacris)
10.  I Got 5 On It (Luniz) 

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